Shopping Made Easier

Social business needs new tools for tracking and managing relationships. Even highly sophisticated social CRM (SCRM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools are not able to manage status updates, social contact information or various social profiles over the social web very easily. SCRM and CRM tools have been designed to manage customer relationships. However, what about tools for managing customers, social business contacts or Social Contact Management tools?

As an example, Jane Smith at LinkedIn, uses @SmithJane on Twitter, has a blog called and writes for Digg as well. How can I keep track of all of Jane’s different identities and follow and connect with her at various networks? How can I track our conversations from different networks? What if you are an attorney and need to keep records of your documents, emails, phone calls and meetings? What if I need to prepare for an upcoming meeting I am having with Jane or read her most recent posts at Crunchable? Keep in mind that Jane is one one of hundreds, or possibly even thousands, of contacts from your networks. Fortunately, tools for solving these kinds of problems are starting to emerge. Three that are worth taking notice of are: Gist , Rapportive and

Just when you are least expecting it, will pop up- but in a good way. You just install this extension on your browser. Then go over to Facebook or Twitter. For each contact, offers a hovercard.

If you want to connect with Jack Anderson on LinkedIn or read his newest blog post, just click on the icon and go to hovr@JackAnderson’s profile at these websites. Hovr was introduced in December 2012 and is a free desktop app. Image-recognition software is used for identifying an item of clothing from an online photo (that was posted at, say, Facebook or Pinterest). It then will show you which retailers have it for sale. All you have to do is “hover” the cursor of your mouse on the photo, then click your button. It will go out and instantly find where you can buy the item.

One of the main aims of Hovr is for it to be a tool for window shopping that makes it very easy and convenient to move from discovery into retail. Your comparison shopping experience is provided to you in just one click. All of this happens right at the place of discovery. This app is intended to make the lives of online shoppers easier and not more time consuming or complicated. You can take this tool with you, and then just use it whenever you want to. When you don’t need to use it, it doesn’t really bother you. The app can be downloaded in one click at Software updates are pushed out automatically through Google Chrome that are based on continuous tweaks based on user feedback. There is just one catch: currently, the software is only able to recognize women’s clothing, specifically shirts and dresses.
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